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Mother, geologist and artist from Ticino, Alice Zimmermann uses creativity to convey messages and stimulate emotions. With vivid colours and different tones, her works want above all to make us reflect on our connection with nature.

Giving voice to Mother Nature

Through art, she tries to show not only the beauty of nature, but also its fragility. For many creatures, finding space on our planet is becoming an increasingly difficult task.

Our magnificent four-legged friends

Recently, she also started making portraits of pets. It is nice to be able to admire our four-legged friends in an artistic form, and to have a memory of them to keep forever. New website for pet portraits:

Rediscovering the world of children

Becoming a mother made her (re)discover a new world: that of children. Reading illustrated booklets to her son, she said to herself: "why not create one myself?" So she published her first children's book in 2020, titled 'The Journey Diary'.

"La primavera", olio su tela. I colori vivaci dei fiori e la rinascita della vita in primavera
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